Report a Crime

A.L.E.R.T.U.S. is a community advocacy organization and does not collect or transmit information regarding possible violent crime.

There are typically 5 stages in a violent plot or attack: planning, support, casing, rehearsal, and the attack itself.  The earlier this process can be disrupted, the better.  The responsibility of reporting any stage of an attack is the ethical duty of the person who witnesses it.

Reaching out to law enforcement to report a possible violent crime or plot can be anxiety provoking, even to a law abiding person. Some may fear that by reporting criminal activity that they may become victims themselves.  Others may worry that they will become the focus of law enforcement’s attention, simply because they reported a possible crime.

The most important aspect of reporting something harmful is not how you choose to report, but rather that you reach out to someone who in turn can inform the proper authorities to prevent a violent act from taking place.

The link at the bottom of this page will take you directly to the FBI TIPS web page where anyone can be in direct contact with federal law enforcement.

Should you not feel comfortable reporting in this fashion, many other options are available to you. Your local police or sheriffs department is a great place to start. Some plots have been disrupted because one brave person spoke to a leader at their faith center, or notified a community advocacy group, which in turn notified the authorities. Others yet choose to approach law enforcement through a legal representative.

Out of 350 million people in the United States, few will ever witness the precursors of a violent crime.  Like activating a fire alarm, reporting incipient violent crime is a serious and time sensitive matter. In order to save lives, everyone must feel empowered to do so without delay.

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